10 Best ‘The Boys’ Characters, Ranked by Fans


We all have our favorites when it comes to the gritty and gripping characters of ‘The Boys.’ In this roundup, we dive into the top 10 characters as voted by fans like us. These aren’t just any heroes, anti-heroes or villains; they’re the ones who’ve captured our imaginations and stirred our sense of adventure through their thrilling escapades and complex personalities. Let’s find out who stands at the top and why they’ve earned their spots in our hearts.

10. Stan Edgar

Stan Edgar, portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito, brings a cool and calculating presence to ‘The Boys.’ He stands out not through physical might but with his sharp mind and strategic thinking, skillfully navigating the corporate jungle. As the leader at Vought, Edgar represents the power plays and ethical ambiguities that come with such a high-stakes role, making him a fascinating character to watch.

9. Hughie Campbell

Hughie Campbell, brought to life by Jack Quaid, is the everyman of the group who reminds us that courage comes in many forms. Without any superpowers, Hughie’s strength lies in his determination and moral compass. He’s relatable as he struggles with his desire for vengeance versus his innate goodness, pulling us into his emotional journey.

8. Black Noir

Black Noir is a man of mystery and silence, with skills that are as lethal as his past is shadowy. Played by Nathan Mitchell, he is Vought’s silent assassin, always on point and undeniably deadly. His combat prowess and intriguing anonymity make him a standout in a world loud with larger-than-life personalities.

7. Queen Maeve

Queen Maeve, portrayed by Dominique McElligott, is a warrior with a heart under her tough exterior. Her journey of rediscovery and vulnerability as she grapples with her public identity versus her personal truth gives depth to her character. Maeve’s strength and invulnerability on the battlefield contrast sharply with her personal battles, making her profoundly human.

6. Starlight (Annie January)

Starlight, played by Erin Moriarty, shines as the beacon of hope in a corrupted world. Her superpowers, like her enhanced strength and ability to absorb electricity, are matched by her inner strength and integrity. Annie’s journey from naive newcomer to a grounded heroine captures the essence of personal growth and heroism.

5. Homelander

Antony Starr’s portrayal of Homelander captures the terrifying blend of charm and menace, making him a character we love to hate. With abilities ranging from superhuman strength to heat vision, Homelander embodies the dangers of power left unchecked, serving as a dark mirror to the concept of the American hero.

4. The Female (Kimiko)

The Female, or Kimiko, played by Karen Fukuhara, is a force of nature with her super strength and regenerative abilities. Her silent demeanor masks a turbulent inner world shaped by tragedy and resilience. Kimiko’s journey from a weapon of destruction to a character with deep bonds and a quest for personal redemption is compelling and heart-wrenching.

3. Mother’s Milk (Marvin)

Mother’s Milk, portrayed by Laz Alonso, is the heart of the team with a moral compass that often steers the group back to their roots. His dedication to his family and his team showcases the strength it takes to be both a leader and a caregiver. Marvin’s blend of toughness and tenderness makes him a pivotal character in the series.

2. Frenchie

Frenchie, played by Tomer Kapon, adds color and complexity with his quirky personality and deep loyalty. His knowledge of weapons and his unexpected soft spots for his friends make him an indispensable member of the team. Frenchie’s multifaceted character brings lightness and depth to the dark world of ‘The Boys.’

1. Billy Butcher

Billy Butcher, portrayed by Karl Urban, is the charismatic leader driven by a relentless quest for justice against the Supes. His rough exterior and sharp wit hide a wounded soul, pushing boundaries and challenging morals. Butcher’s journey is at the heart of ‘The Boys,’ making him a favorite for his raw honesty and complex motives.

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