20 DC and Marvel Characters Who Can Defeat Superman Without Kryptonite


Superman is known as one of the strongest superheroes, but he’s not invincible. In this article, we’ll explore 20 characters from DC and Marvel who have what it takes to take him down, even without using kryptonite. From gods and aliens to magical beings and tech geniuses, these characters prove that even Superman has his limits.

Darkseid – DC

Darkseid is a god-like figure from the DC Universe, ruling over the hellish world of Apokolips. His power is nearly unmatched, characterized by superhuman strength, endurance, and the feared Omega Beams—energy blasts that can erase beings from existence. Against Superman, Darkseid uses his physical superiority and strategic mind to exploit Superman’s weaknesses, often challenging him in battles that test the limits of Superman’s endurance.

Doctor Strange – Marvel

Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme of Marvel, wields magic that Superman has little defense against. His command over the mystic arts allows him to cast spells that can alter reality, create dimensional portals, or immobilize opponents. In a battle, Strange could use magical forces to bypass Superman’s physical strength and target his vulnerabilities directly.

The Presence – DC

The Presence is essentially the God of the DC Universe, omnipotent and omnipresent. This entity possesses unlimited power, able to create or destroy on a whim. Against Superman, The Presence wouldn’t need to fight—its mere will could define the outcome of any confrontation, effortlessly subduing Superman.

Scarlet Witch – Marvel

Scarlet Witch has powers that affect reality itself, making her one of Marvel’s most formidable magic wielders. Her ability to warp reality and alter probabilities could neutralize Superman’s physical advantages, manipulating the environment or even Superman’s own abilities against him without needing kryptonite.

Anti-Monitor – DC

Anti-Monitor is a supremely powerful being, known for his ability to consume whole universes in the DC Comics. His cosmic power and ability to manipulate energy and matter at a fundamental level make him a devastating opponent for Superman. He can generate energy blasts that are capable of overwhelming Superman’s durability and drain the energy from him.

Mephisto – Marvel

Mephisto is a demon lord of Marvel’s underworld, with powers that rival the gods. He can manipulate magical energies, alter time, and reshape reality. Against Superman, Mephisto could use his manipulation and deception, crafting scenarios where Superman’s strength is turned against him or nullified.

Galactus – Marvel

Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds in Marvel Comics, wields cosmic power on a scale that’s hard to comprehend. His ability to harness and manipulate cosmic energy, along with his control over the Power Cosmic, allows him to challenge Superman in ways few others can. Galactus could simply drain the solar energy that powers Superman, weakening him severely.

Dormammu – Marvel

Dormammu is a lord of the Dark Dimension and one of Doctor Strange’s formidable foes. His command over dark magic and dimensional energy means he can trap Superman in an alternate dimension where his powers are ineffective, or unleash mystical energies that Superman is susceptible to.

Legion – Marvel

Legion, the son of Charles Xavier, is a mutant with vast psychic abilities, each personality controlling a different power. His ability to warp reality and manipulate time can outmatch Superman’s physical strength by altering the very fabric of reality around him, making it impossible for Superman to use his powers effectively.

Mister Mxyzptlk – DC

Mister Mxyzptlk is a trickster from the fifth dimension with the ability to bend reality to his will. His impish magic can create scenarios that are confusing and manipulative, forcing Superman to play along with his twisted games or face consequences that defy logic and physical laws.

Living Tribunal – Marvel

The Living Tribunal holds the power to oversee and maintain balance in the Marvel Universe. This entity’s powers are so vast that it can alter reality, enforce or remove powers, and judge all matters across the multiverse. Against Superman, the Living Tribunal could simply decide his powers are too disruptive and remove them.

Silver Surfer – Marvel

Silver Surfer, herald to Galactus, wields the Power Cosmic, granting him abilities to manipulate energy, matter, and space. He can match Superman’s speed and strength and has the added advantage of energy manipulation, which could effectively counter Superman’s solar-based powers.

Beyonder – Marvel

Beyonder comes from a realm outside the known Marvel Universe, possessing power to manipulate reality itself. His ability to create or destroy on an unimaginable scale means he could defeat Superman by simply altering the reality in which Superman exists.

Doctor Manhattan – DC

Doctor Manhattan, from DC’s “Watchmen,” possesses god-like control over atomic and subatomic particles. His understanding and manipulation of quantum mechanics allow him to disassemble matter at will, making Superman’s physical form vulnerable to manipulation or complete disintegration.

Adam Warlock – Marvel

Adam Warlock wields the Infinity Gauntlet, which houses gems that control various aspects of existence. With such power, he can manipulate time, space, reality, and even souls, presenting challenges that Superman cannot combat through physical strength alone.

Odin – Marvel

Odin, the All-Father of Asgard in Marvel comics, is a deity with immense magical abilities and wisdom. His control over cosmic forces and ancient magic allows him to confront Superman on equal footing, employing spells and enchantments that surpass Superman’s physical prowess.

Lucifer Morningstar – DC

Lucifer Morningstar, from DC’s “Vertigo” comics, is the devil himself, with powers over reality, time, and space. His manipulation of these forces could make him an existential threat to Superman, shaping reality to nullify Superman’s strengths or exploit his weaknesses.

Sentry – Marvel

Sentry possesses the power of a million exploding suns, giving him immense strength, speed, and durability. His psychic abilities can also rival Superman’s, allowing him to engage Superman in mental battles that could leave the Man of Steel vulnerable to physical attacks.

Franklin Richards – Marvel

Franklin Richards is one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel Universe, with reality-warping abilities that surpass even those of Scarlet Witch. His powers could reshape reality to nullify Superman’s abilities or create scenarios where Superman is unable to utilize his powers effectively.

One Above All – Marvel

The One Above All is the supreme being in the Marvel Multiverse, transcending all other beings in existence. This entity’s powers are limitless, capable of altering reality, reshaping universes, or simply nullifying Superman’s powers with a mere thought.

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