Chris Hemsworth Responds to Criticism by Directors and MCU Actors


Chris Hemsworth shared his frustration over Marvel criticisms made by directors Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola. Hemsworth, known for playing Thor in the MCU, said the comments ‘felt harsh’ and were ‘an eye-roll.’ He expressed his feelings in an interview with The Times of London, noting that it’s bothersome, especially coming from his heroes.

Scorsese had called Marvel movies ‘theme park’ experiences, not real cinema. He later clarified that his issue was with the dominance of these films, saying they push out indie and mid-budget movies. Coppola agreed, saying Marvel movies are repetitive and dominate studio films.

Hemsworth disagreed with their views, saying superhero movies kept cinemas alive during a time when smartphones and social media changed how we consume media. He feels these films deserve more appreciation for bringing people back to theaters.

Hemsworth also addressed Marvel criticisms from actors who worked on MCU films. Though he didn’t name names, The Times mentioned Idris Elba and Christian Bale. Elba once described working on a Marvel movie as ‘torture,’ and Bale criticized the ‘monotony’ on the set of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder.’ Hemsworth found this frustrating, saying some actors bash these films if their roles didn’t work out.

Reflecting on his own experience, Hemsworth said he sometimes felt like a ‘security guard’ for the team, envious of others’ roles. He admitted feeling ‘replaceable’ despite his major role. This led him to seek more challenging roles, like his part in ‘Furiosa,’ a ‘Mad Max’ prequel premiering at Cannes. In ‘Furiosa,’ Hemsworth plays a villain, a stark contrast to his Thor character.

Hemsworth believes there is a ‘superhero curse’ where actors get pigeonholed, limiting their opportunities. He hopes ‘Furiosa’ will show more of his acting range beyond the ‘muscly action guy.’

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