‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ Teases Exciting Connections with The Punisher and Cassandra Nova


The upcoming ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ movie is set to be a big deal for many of us. It’s not just Deadpool’s first step into the MCU, but it’s also the only MCU movie coming out in 2024. This film looks to breathe new life into the franchise after a few misses in recent years.

What’s really grabbing attention is the new trailer that brings back beloved characters from the ‘Deadpool’ and the old Fox ‘X-Men’ movies. But there’s more. The movie will revisit key moments from earlier MCU phases and will include references to The Punisher. It seems like ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ is diving deep into Marvel’s rich movie history.

A big buzz is around the mention of The Punisher. It’s hinted that Thomas Jane’s Punisher, the one from the 2004 movie, might be making an appearance. This comes from a glimpse of The Russian in the trailer, a character from the same Punisher film, who now works for Cassandra Nova. While it’s still not clear if The Punisher will show up in person or just be mentioned, this link alone is stirring up excitement.

The main plot throws Deadpool into the mix with the TVA, where he’s tasked with stopping a reality-changing disaster caused by Cassandra Nova. Naturally, he pulls Wolverine into this wild ride. This setup promises not just action but a good dose of intertwined superhero lore.

As we wait for July 26, 2024, to roll around, the anticipation builds. It’s interesting to see how these connections will play out on the big screen. Will we see more of these crossovers? I’m all for it if it means getting to see our favorite characters team up and tackle big challenges.

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