100 Disney Characters That Start With ‘B’

Disney Characters That Start With B

The magical realm of Disney animation is a treasure trove of enchanting and varied characters. Among them, those bearing names that begin with ‘B’ add a special allure. These characters, originating from diverse tales and realms, contribute their distinct charm to the Disney universe. Join us as we delve into the lives of these characters and uncover the heart of their narratives.

Belle (Beauty and the Beast) – A bright, beautiful, and independent young woman who becomes the key to breaking a curse in a mysterious castle.

Baloo (The Jungle Book) – The laid-back, fun-loving bear who becomes Mowgli’s mentor and friend in the jungles of India.

Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story) – The brave space ranger action figure, known for his famous catchphrase, “To infinity and beyond!”

Bagheera (The Jungle Book) – The wise and responsible black panther who guides Mowgli through the jungle’s dangers.

Bambi (Bambi) – The young prince of the forest who grows up to learn about life, love, and loss.

Basil (The Great Mouse Detective) – The Sherlock Holmes-esque detective mouse who takes on the challenge of stopping Ratigan.

Bo Peep (Toy Story) – The porcelain shepherdess figure and Woody’s love interest, known for her caring and adventurous nature.

Baymax (Big Hero 6) – The lovable, inflatable healthcare companion robot who becomes a superhero.

Bernard (The Rescuers) – The timid but brave mouse who, along with Miss Bianca, sets out to rescue those in need.

Bianca (The Rescuers) – An elegant and daring mouse from the Rescue Aid Society, who teams up with Bernard on daring missions.

Bolt (Bolt) – The heroic white German Shepherd who believes he has superpowers and embarks on a journey to find his owner.

Beast (Beauty and the Beast) – The prince cursed to live as a beast until he learns to love and earn love in return.

Bongo (Fun and Fancy Free) – The circus bear who longs for freedom and finds love and adventure in the wild.

Barley Lightfoot (Onward) – An enthusiastic and boisterous elf brother who embarks on a magical quest.

Bruno (Cinderella) – Cinderella’s loyal and friendly bloodhound, who dreams of chasing the evil stepmother’s cat, Lucifer.

Bing Bong (Inside Out) – Riley’s imaginary friend, a whimsical and heartwarming combination of various creatures.

Bert (Mary Poppins) – The charming and multi-talented street performer who is a close friend of Mary Poppins.

Blue Fairy (Pinocchio) – The magical fairy who grants Geppetto’s wish and guides Pinocchio on his quest to become a real boy.

Big Mama (The Fox and the Hound) – The wise old owl who acts as a motherly figure to Tod, the young fox.

Buttercup (Toy Story 3) – The plush unicorn toy who resides in Bonnie’s room and has a sarcastic sense of humor.

Bulda (Frozen) – A troll who helps raise Kristoff and provides maternal guidance and wisdom.

B.E.N. (Treasure Planet) – The quirky, memory-challenged robot who helps Jim Hawkins on his space adventure.

Br’er Rabbit (Song of the South) – The clever and mischievous rabbit known for his adventures in the Briar Patch.

Boo (Monsters, Inc.) – The adorable little girl who finds her way into the monster world, changing the lives of Sulley and Mike.

Bonnie (Toy Story 3 and 4) – The kind-hearted young girl who becomes the new owner of Andy’s toys.

Br’er Fox (Song of the South) – The cunning and relentless fox constantly trying to catch Br’er Rabbit.

Brother Bear (Brother Bear) – Kenai, the young man who is transformed into a bear and learns about life from a new perspective.

Buck Cluck (Chicken Little) – Chicken Little’s overprotective father who struggles to understand his son’s concerns about the sky falling.

Bruce (Cinderella) – A palace mouse and friend of Cinderella, known for his bravery and loyalty.

Bowler Hat Guy (Meet the Robinsons) – The misunderstood villain with a twisted sense of humor and a surprising backstory.

Bailey (Finding Dory) – The beluga whale with echolocation problems, offering comic relief and friendship in the sequel to “Finding Nemo.”

Bashful (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) – One of the seven dwarfs, known for his extreme shyness and sweet nature.


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Buddy Pine/Syndrome (The Incredibles) – The primary antagonist in “The Incredibles,” once a fan of Mr. Incredible, turned villain.

Bartholomew (The Great Mouse Detective) – Ratigan’s bumbling henchman, known for his comical mishaps.

Bill the Lizard (Alice in Wonderland) – A minor character who is part of the bizarre world of Wonderland.

Banzai (The Lion King) – A key member of Scar’s trio of hyenas, characterized by his sharp wit and lack of patience.

Bomb Voyage (The Incredibles) – A secondary antagonist, a French-speaking mime and explosives expert.

Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) – Another name for Princess Aurora, depicting her life hidden in the forest.

Bulgy (Lady and the Tramp II) – A minor character known for his unique appearance and role in the sequel.

Buster (Toy Story 2 and 3) – Andy’s pet dachshund, who ages noticeably between the films.

Buck (Home on the Range) – A horse with aspirations of heroism, adding humor and zest to the adventure.

Bucky Bug (Silly Symphonies) – One of the lesser-known characters, a cute and adventurous insect from the classic cartoons.

Bubbles (Finding Nemo) – The enthusiastic yellow tang fish in the dentist’s aquarium, obsessed with bubbles.

Babette (Beauty and the Beast) – A flirtatious feather duster in Beast’s enchanted castle, known for her French accent and romance with Lumière.

Bernard (The Santa Clause) – The head elf in “The Santa Clause” series, known for his no-nonsense attitude in managing Santa’s workshop.

Barbossa (Pirates of the Caribbean) – The cunning and ruthless pirate captain who is both an enemy and an ally to Jack Sparrow.

Bishop (Robin Hood) – A minor character in “Robin Hood,” known for his role in the archery tournament scene.

Bulldog (Planes) – A British racing plane in “Planes,” known for his pride and competitive spirit.

Bread-and-Butterflies (Alice in Wonderland) – The whimsical creatures encountered by Alice in Wonderland, known for their unique appearance and charming song.

Bianca Dupree (Beverly Hills Chihuahua) – A fashionable and sassy Chihuahua from the “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” series.

Big Baby (Toy Story 3) – A large baby doll with a broken eye, serving as one of Lotso’s henchmen in “Toy Story 3.”

Black Barty (Pirates of the Caribbean) – A member of Jack Sparrow’s crew, known for his humor and loyalty.

Boomer (Fox and the Hound) – A fun-loving woodpecker who provides comic relief in “The Fox and the Hound.”

Blaze (Tinker Bell) – A brave and loyal firefly who assists Tinker Bell and her friends in their adventures.

Brom Bones (The Legend of Sleepy Hollow) – The town hero and antagonist to Ichabod Crane in “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.”

Big Daddy La Bouff (The Princess and the Frog) – Tiana’s supportive and wealthy friend in “The Princess and the Frog.”

Bloat (Finding Nemo) – The pufferfish in the dentist’s aquarium, known for his tendency to inflate when agitated.

Bruni (Frozen II) – The adorable and fiery salamander from “Frozen II,” a representation of the fire spirit.

Bones (Treasure Island) – The old pirate in “Treasure Island,” whose map sparks the legendary treasure hunt.

Bucky (Jake and the Never Land Pirates) – Jake’s trusty pirate ship in the series “Jake and the Never Land Pirates.”

Butch (The Good Dinosaur) – The tough and intimidating Tyrannosaurus Rex in “The Good Dinosaur,” who imparts important lessons to the main character.

Bertie (The Little Whirlwind) – A mischievous and playful character from the classic Mickey Mouse short “The Little Whirlwind.”

Buzzy (The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad) – One of the smaller characters in “The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad,” contributing to the film’s rich atmosphere.

Bucky Barnes (Marvel Cinematic Universe) – While a Marvel character, Bucky’s appearances in the MCU, which is part of Disney, showcase his transformation from a soldier to the Winter Soldier.

Baboons (Tarzan) – The troop of baboons that create memorable scenes in the movie “Tarzan,” adding both tension and humor.

Basil of Baker Street (The Great Mouse Detective) – The intelligent and resourceful mouse detective, mirroring Sherlock Holmes in a whimsical Disney setting.

Blaze (Mickey and the Roadster Racers) – A recurring character in “Mickey and the Roadster Racers,” known for his speed and enthusiasm.

Buford (Phineas and Ferb) – A character from the popular TV show “Phineas and Ferb,” known for his bullying demeanor that hides a softer side.

Bruce (Finding Nemo) – The vegetarian great white shark, trying to reform his image and fight his natural instincts.

Buzzy (It’s Tough to be a Bug!) – A character from the Disney theme park attraction “It’s Tough to be a Bug!,” designed to educate and entertain.

Bongo (Fun and Fancy Free) – The circus bear who seeks freedom and adventure in “Fun and Fancy Free.”

Bruton (Dinosaur) – A secondary antagonist in the movie “Dinosaur,” known for his strength and initial hostility.

Barley Lightfoot (Onward) – The enthusiastic and adventurous elf brother in “Onward,” who helps drive the story’s central quest.

Bernard and Bianca (The Rescuers) – The heroic mouse duo from “The Rescuers,” known for their bravery and compassion.

Buzzie, Flaps, Ziggy, and Dizzy (The Jungle Book) – The group of vultures in “The Jungle Book,” known for their comical and friendly nature.

Benny the Cab (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) – The fast-talking, animated taxi cab in the unique world of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.”

Baboons (The Lion King) – Featured in the opening scene of “The Lion King,” they add to the vibrant wildlife of the African savannah.

Blackbeard (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides) – The infamous pirate Blackbeard, adding a dark and mystical element to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series.

Billy Bones (Treasure Planet) – The old space pirate whose map sets the plot of “Treasure Planet” in motion.

Br’er Bear (Song of the South) – The gullible and clumsy counterpart to Br’er Fox in the tales of Br’er Rabbit.

Bruno (Encanto) – The mysterious and misunderstood uncle with the ability to see into the future in “Encanto.”

Buttercup (Toy Story 3) – The plush unicorn with a sardonic sense of humor in Bonnie’s toy collection.

Balthazar Blake (The Sorcerer’s Apprentice) – The modern sorcerer in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” a film inspired by the Disney classic “Fantasia.”

Buck Cluck (Chicken Little) – The concerned father of Chicken Little, who struggles to understand and support his son.

Bloat (Finding Nemo) – The easily excitable pufferfish in the aquarium gang from “Finding Nemo.”

Boomer (The Fox and the Hound) – The lovable woodpecker who adds a touch of humor to “The Fox and the Hound.”

Buddy (Air Bud) – The talented sports-playing golden retriever from the “Air Bud” film series, showcasing his skills in various sports.

Berlioz (The Aristocats) – A playful and curious kitten, known for his musical talent and adventurous spirit.

Becky (Finding Dory) – The offbeat and quirky loon in “Finding Dory,” known for her unpredictable behavior and helpful nature.

Buzzy (A Bug’s Life) – A member of the circus troupe in “A Bug’s Life,” adding to the film’s diverse cast of insect characters.

Bucky (The Emperor’s New Groove) – A small, humorous squirrel character in “The Emperor’s New Groove,” known for his interactions with Kronk.

Bess (Tinker Bell) – A fairy character from the “Tinker Bell” movies, known for her artistic skills and creativity.

Brodie (Brave) – One of Merida’s mischievous younger brothers in “Brave,” known for their playful antics and love for sweets.

Buck (The Good Dinosaur) – A fearless and adventurous dinosaur in “The Good Dinosaur,” known for his survival skills and role as an unlikely mentor.

Bongo (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) – A character from “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,” known for his cheerful disposition and interactions with the Clubhouse characters.

Buldeo (The Jungle Book) – A character from the live-action adaptation of “The Jungle Book,” adding a human element to the classic tale.

Baker (Beauty and the Beast) – A minor character in “Beauty and the Beast,” contributing to the depiction of village life and Belle’s world.

Bluebird (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) – A charming and friendly bluebird in “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” symbolizing friendship and innocence.

Benny the Squirrel (The Sword in the Stone) – A playful and mischievous squirrel character in “The Sword in the Stone,” known for his interactions with Arthur in the enchanted forest.

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