Breaking News: Disney Confirms Production of Frozen 3 and 4!

Frozen - Elsa & Anna

Big news for all the Frozen enthusiasts! Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, has just let out an exciting revelation: Frozen 3 is not only on its way, but we can also look forward to Frozen 4. This announcement is particularly thrilling as it indicates Disney’s continued investment in the Frozen saga, even before the third film has graced our screens.

The announcement came during Iger’s segment on Good Morning America and aligns with the opening of Disneyland’s new “World of Frozen” in Hong Kong. This expansion underscores the enduring popularity and cultural impact of the Frozen series.

The involvement of Jennifer Lee, the original mind behind Frozen and Frozen 2, in the upcoming films is a promising sign. Her creative vision has been pivotal in crafting the enchanting world of Frozen, and her continued leadership suggests that the magic and appeal of the series will persist.

Besides the films, Disney is enhancing the Frozen experience through immersive theme park attractions. The newly opened Frozen-themed land in Disneyland offers fans a chance to dive deeper into the fantastical world of Arendelle. From meeting iconic characters like Elsa, Anna, and Olaf to exploring movie-inspired restaurants, this theme park addition is a dream come true for many.


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As Frozen’s journey expands from the silver screen to immersive real-world experiences, it’s a reminder of the joy and wonder these stories bring. With Jennifer Lee’s creative direction and Disney’s commitment to growing the Frozen universe, the anticipation for what’s next in the world of Arendelle is more alive than ever. Get ready to embark on new magical adventures with Elsa, Anna, and the whole Frozen family!

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