Every Love Interest Of Cyclops


Cyclops, one of the key figures in the X-Men universe, is as well known for his leadership skills as he is for his complex love life. His relationships, often tangled and intense, have added layers of drama to the X-Men series. In this article, we’ll explore each of Cyclops’ love interests, delving into how these relationships have influenced him and the stories around him. From fiery flings to deep, enduring connections, let’s take a closer look at the romantic side of Cyclops.

Jean Grey

Jean Grey is the cornerstone of Cyclops’ romantic history. Their relationship started when they were young students at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and has been marked by intense emotions and dramatic events, including multiple deaths and resurrections. Despite numerous challenges and separations, their bond is incredibly strong, repeatedly proving that they are destined to find their way back to each other, time and again.

Emma Frost

Emma Frost represents one of the more complex chapters in Cyclops’ love life. Initially starting as a psychic affair, their relationship evolved into something deeper following Jean Grey’s death. Emma’s manipulative nature and Scott’s emotional vulnerability led to a complicated yet genuine connection. Though their relationship has cooled off recently, it remains a significant part of Cyclops’ narrative.

Madelyne Pryor

Madelyne Pryor’s entry into Cyclops’ life was as dramatic as it was tragic. Scott met her in Alaska, and she bore a striking resemblance to his late wife, Jean Grey. Their whirlwind romance quickly led to marriage and a child. However, it was later revealed that Madelyne was actually a clone of Jean, created by Mr. Sinister, adding a dark twist to their already complex relationship.

Lee Forrester

Lee Forrester was a rebound relationship for Cyclops after Jean Grey’s death in the Dark Phoenix Saga. Lee, a captain of a fishing boat in Florida, provided Scott with a chance to escape and heal. Although their romance was brief, it offered Cyclops a necessary period of normalcy and companionship during a tumultuous time in his life.


Psylocke and Cyclops shared more of an emotional and flirtatious game than a full-blown affair. This tension surfaced when they were teammates on the X-Men’s Blue team. Despite the mutual attraction, Cyclops was deeply conflicted, leading to his temporary leave from the team to sort out his feelings, reflecting the complexity and often problematic nature of workplace relationships.

Captain Marvel (Earth X)

In the alternate reality of Mutant X, Cyclops, serving as captain of the Starjammers, encountered and fell for the future Captain Marvel. This relationship was marked by adventure and a departure from Cyclops’ typical environment, providing a rare glimpse into a happier, more carefree side of Scott Summers as he navigated life as a space pirate alongside a powerful partner.

Colleen Wing

After Jean Grey’s presumed death, Cyclops briefly dated Colleen Wing, a skilled martial artist and member of the Daughters of the Dragon. Their relationship was short-lived but intense, ending abruptly when Jean was discovered to be alive. This relationship highlighted Cyclops’ vulnerability and his struggle to move on from Jean even when he believed she was gone forever.

Polaris (Ultimate)

In the Ultimate Comics universe, Cyclops dated Polaris before Jean Grey, showcasing his attraction to strong and powerful women. Their relationship was brief, with Polaris eventually leaving Cyclops for his brother, Havok. This romance underscores Cyclops’ tendency to form connections with women who are similarly complex and formidable.

Frenzy (Age of X)

In the Age of X alternate reality, Cyclops finds himself in a different sort of relationship with Frenzy, a former villain. Their unusual bond is strengthened by Frenzy’s invulnerability, allowing Cyclops to interact with her without the barrier of his visor. This relationship stands out as a significant deviation from his usual romantic connections, offering a glimpse into what might have been under different circumstances.


In the latest development within the Dawn of X storyline, the longstanding rivalry between Cyclops and Wolverine takes an unexpected turn towards cooperation and mutual respect. Rumors and subtle hints suggest that they, along with Jean Grey, have formed a polyamorous arrangement. This represents a groundbreaking evolution in their relationship, transforming from fierce competitors to allies in a non-traditional family structure.

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