Every Mutant Confirmed To Exist In The MCU


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has gradually opened its doors to a new world of characters—mutants. Once absent from MCU storylines, mutants are now becoming a pivotal part of the narrative. From Kamala Khan’s debut as Ms. Marvel to the surprising appearance of Professor X, we’re seeing more mutants make their mark. This evolution is not just expanding the MCU; it’s setting the stage for some exciting future developments. Let’s take a closer look at each mutant who has been confirmed so far and what their presence could mean for the MCU.

Kamala Khan: A New Kind of Hero

Kamala Khan, introduced in the series Ms. Marvel (2022), represents a significant milestone as the first confirmed mutant in the mainline MCU. Her character, a young girl who idolizes superheroes, gains extraordinary powers through what is revealed to be a mutation in her DNA. While the series explores her struggle and journey of self-discovery, it also cleverly intertwines her mutant identity with her cultural background, making her a unique and relatable hero.

The confirmation of Kamala’s mutant status was subtly handled, leaving some details ambiguous while still marking a pivotal shift in MCU storytelling. Despite the mysteries surrounding the origin of her powers—whether they stem from her Inhuman lineage or a pure mutation—Kamala’s character adds depth and diversity to the MCU, promising exciting new directions for the universe.

Namor: The Ancient Mutant

Namor, one of Marvel’s oldest characters, made a grand entrance in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022) as the MCU’s first mutant introduced on screen. Known as the king of Talokan, Namor possesses superhuman abilities attributed to his mutant heritage, which is intricately linked with the rich and mystical history of his underwater kingdom. His powers, including super strength, flight, and aquatic abilities, set him apart from other characters in the MCU.

Namor’s introduction to the MCU not only expands the universe’s geographical and cultural horizons but also brings a complex character with ambiguous morals into the spotlight. As a mutant who does not traditionally align with the X-Men, his presence in the MCU hints at the diverse narratives and conflicts that future mutant stories could explore.

Professor X: Crossing Realities

Professor X, portrayed by Patrick Stewart, made a memorable cameo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022). This appearance was significant as it confirmed the existence of mutants across the MCU multiverse, specifically introducing an alternate universe’s version of the X-Men. Professor X’s role as a member of the Illuminati in Earth-838 underscored the interconnectedness of various Marvel realities and the potential for more crossover events.

This cameo not only delighted fans but also laid the groundwork for integrating the X-Men into the broader MCU narrative. It demonstrated that the mutants are not just confined to their universe but are part of the vast multiverse, opening the door for future stories that could involve alternate realities and the challenges they bring.

Mr. Immortal: Living on the Edge

Introduced in the Disney+ series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (2022), Mr. Immortal caught the audience’s attention with his unique ability to resurrect after dying. His powers are suggested to stem from the X-Gene, marking him as a mutant, although this has not been explicitly confirmed within the MCU. Mr. Immortal’s character adds a humorous yet poignant element to the series, exploring themes of immortality and the personal toll it takes.

While his mutant status remains unconfirmed, Mr. Immortal represents the intriguing possibilities of mutant powers and how they can be woven into the fabric of the MCU. His return in future MCU installments could further explore his abilities and origins, potentially confirming his place among the growing list of mutants.

Beast: Linking Worlds

Beast’s surprise appearance in The Marvels (2023) post-credits scene marks a significant moment in MCU history. Voiced by Kelsey Grammer, who reprised his role from the earlier X-Men films, this version of Beast suggests a continuity or a reimagining of the character within the MCU. His appearance in a different reality where Monica Rambeau finds herself hints at the complex layers of multiverse interactions that the MCU is increasingly embracing.

The introduction of Beast in this context not only connects the new MCU stories with the beloved X-Men universe but also teases the potential for these characters to interact in future narratives. This strategic incorporation of Beast could be the key to finally bringing the X-Men into the mainline MCU, bridging gaps between different Marvel realities.

Wolverine’s Hinted Arrival

Wolverine’s presence in the MCU was cleverly hinted at in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, where a news headline mentions a man with metal claws involved in a bar brawl. This nod to Wolverine’s iconic characteristics sets the stage for his anticipated arrival, which was confirmed with the announcement that Hugh Jackman would reprise his role in Deadpool 3. This introduction will mark a significant moment as one of the most beloved mutants joins the expanding MCU.

The inclusion of Wolverine opens up numerous storytelling possibilities and further integrates the rich history of X-Men into the MCU. His character’s renowned complexity and depth will undoubtedly add a new layer to the already intricate Marvel Universe, promising intense action and deep personal narratives.

Potential Mutants: Beyond the Known

As the MCU continues to evolve, the list of potential mutants only grows. Characters like El Aguila, introduced in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, show abilities that could be attributed to the X-Gene. This inclusion of characters with ambiguous powers suggests a slow but steady buildup to a more pronounced presence of mutants in the MCU.

This strategy of gradual integration allows the audience to familiarize themselves with the concept of mutants subtly before a full introduction. As more characters are revealed to have mutant abilities, the MCU can explore diverse narratives and deeper issues related to identity, belonging, and transformation, setting the stage for a richer and more complex Marvel Universe.

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