Fan-Made Trailer Gives Us a Glimpse of the ‘Blade’ Movie We Deserve


Marvel’s ‘Blade’ has seen its fair share of delays and rewrites, but fans are still eager to see the vampire hunter back in action. Although the official movie release is set for November 2025, a fan-made concept trailer has surfaced, giving us a taste of what could be.

The trailer created by Teaser Pro sticks to a simple, winning formula: Blade fighting vampires. It shows us that sometimes, the straightforward approach is best. This comes as a refreshing glimpse, especially when the actual movie seems far from its premiere.

Initially, the movie was to focus on Blade’s daughter and feature other female leads, with Blade himself taking a lesser role. However, after numerous revisions, the focus has shifted back to Blade’s vampire-hunting prowess.

The film is set to feature the Ebony Blade, linking the title to both the mystical weapon and our main character, Eric Brooks. It’s also rumored to connect with the upcoming ‘Midnight Sons’ project. With Mahershala Ali reprising his role as Blade, which he first voiced in ‘Eternals’ (2021), the excitement continues to build despite the setbacks.

The directorial seat has seen changes from Bassam Tariq to Yann Demange, with several writers including Stacy Osei-Kuffour, Nic Pizzolatto, and Michael Green contributing to the script over time. Filming is expected to start in late 2024 across various locations including the United Kingdom and Atlanta.

While we wait for more official news, this fan-made trailer certainly keeps our hopes high and our excitement alive. We can’t wait to see Blade doing what he does best—slaying vampires.

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