‘Hawkeye’ Season 2 Reportedly In the Works


Marvel Studios is rumored to be working on a second season of ‘Hawkeye’. This news has surprised many of us, especially since the show aired over two years ago. According to a source, both Hailee Steinfeld and Jeremy Renner are set to return as Kate Bishop and Clint Barton.

The second season is said to have a different style than the first. Instead of the buddy comedy that took us through New York City, this season might confine the characters to one location. Clint’s brother, Barney, will reportedly play a major role. In the comics, Barney, also known as Trickshot, is a skilled archer and antagonist to Clint.

When ‘Hawkeye’ first aired on Disney Plus in 2021, it became an unexpected hit. The show’s first season featured a festive theme and tied into other Marvel projects like ‘Avengers: Endgame’ and ‘Black Widow’. The new season sounds like it will focus more on character dynamics and less on the expansive MCU connections.

The rumor about season 2 has sparked a lot of reactions. Some of us are excited about the return, while others think it might not be necessary. There’s also skepticism since Marvel has not confirmed the renewal.

One thing we know for sure is that we haven’t seen the last of Kate Bishop. She appeared in the post-credits scene of ‘The Marvels’, suggesting a potential Young Avengers project. So, whether on the big screen or small screen, Kate Bishop’s story will continue.

The potential renewal also faces some challenges. Jeremy Renner had a serious accident at the start of 2023, which led to a long recovery. This might affect the production timeline if the rumors are true.

While we wait for Marvel to confirm these rumors, the idea of a second season of ‘Hawkeye’ is intriguing. If it happens, it promises a fresh take on the characters we enjoyed during the holiday season of 2021.

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