How Old Are Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, Olaf & Others in ‘Frozen’ and ‘Frozen 2’?


In the magical world of “Frozen” and “Frozen 2,” the ages of characters like Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf play a pivotal role in shaping their journeys and personalities. From Elsa’s mature sense of responsibility to Anna’s youthful optimism, understanding their ages offers us deeper insights into their decisions, relationships, and transformations. This exploration into how old Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, Olaf, and others are in ‘Frozen’ and ‘Frozen 2’ provides a unique perspective on these beloved characters and their enchanting story.

How Old is Elsa?

Elsa, the graceful and powerful Snow Queen of Arendelle, is the elder of the two sisters. Elsa is 21 years old in ‘Frozen’ and about 24 years in ‘Frozen 2’. Her age in the first film highlights her transition into adulthood and the immense responsibilities she faces as a young queen. At 21, Elsa embodies the struggle of balancing personal identity with duty.


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By the time of ‘Frozen 2’, Elsa, at around 24, has grown more confident in her abilities. Her age reflects a deeper maturity and understanding, enabling her to confront the mysteries of her past and embrace her true self.

How Old is Anna?

Anna, the spirited and adventurous younger sister of Elsa, is a character filled with optimism and courage. Anna is 18 years old in ‘Frozen’ and about 21 years old in ‘Frozen 2’. Her age in ‘Frozen’ portrays her as a young adult, eager to experience life and love, embodying the enthusiasm and sometimes naivety of her age.

In ‘Frozen 2’, a 21-year-old Anna displays more maturity while still retaining her intrinsic playfulness and determination. Her age allows her to take on more responsibility and showcases her growth as a character.

How Old is Kristoff?

Kristoff, the rugged iceman and Anna’s love interest, is slightly older than the two princesses. Kristoff is around 21 years old in ‘Frozen’ and about 24 in ‘Frozen 2’. His age is indicative of a young man who is self-reliant and experienced in the ways of the world, yet still growing emotionally.

Kristoff’s age positions him as a mature yet evolving character, particularly in his relationship with Anna. His journey from a solitary iceman to a key figure in Arendelle’s community is influenced by his age and life experiences.

How Old is Sven?

Sven, Kristoff’s loyal reindeer companion, does not have a specified age but is depicted as an adult reindeer. Given that reindeer can live up to 15-20 years in the wild, Sven is likely in the prime of his life, around 5-10 years old. His age makes him a reliable and mature companion to Kristoff, displaying loyalty and wisdom that complements Kristoff’s character.

How Old is Olaf?

Olaf, the lovable and innocent snowman brought to life by Elsa’s magic, is technically the youngest main character. Olaf is just a few years old, created during the events of ‘Frozen’. However, his personality reflects a childlike wonder and naivety, bringing a sense of joy and humor to the group.


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In ‘Frozen 2’, Olaf experiences a sort of existential growth, displaying a curiosity and depth that comes with his understanding of the world around him. His age, though physically young, evolves in terms of emotional and intellectual maturity.

How Old is Duke of Weselton?

The Duke of Weselton, a minor antagonist in ‘Frozen’, is an older character, likely in his 50s or 60s. His age reflects his position as a seasoned, albeit somewhat comical, diplomat. The Duke’s actions and attitudes are influenced by his experiences and the desire to maintain his status and influence, typical of a man of his age in a position of power.

How Old is Grand Pabbie?

Grand Pabbie, the wise leader of the trolls, is depicted as an elderly troll. While his exact age is not specified, he is likely quite old, possibly hundreds of years, given his vast knowledge and the respect he commands. His age is a source of wisdom and guidance, particularly in matters relating to magic and the history of Arendelle and its surroundings.

How Old is Prince Hans?

Prince Hans of the Southern Isles, known for his charming yet deceptive nature, plays a pivotal role in ‘Frozen’. Prince Hans is about 23 years old in ‘Frozen’. His age positions him as a young but ambitious prince, eager to ascend in rank and power. At 23, Hans embodies the cunning and calculated mindset of a man who is determined to establish his worth and status, regardless of the moral cost.


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This relatively young age contrasts sharply with his manipulative behavior, showcasing a complex character who is capable of planning and executing a detailed scheme to usurp the throne. Hans’ age also adds to the surprise element of his character’s turn, as his youthful charm initially masks his true intentions.

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