How Old Are Mirabel, Isabela, Luisa, Bruno & Others in ‘Encanto’?


“Encanto,” a vibrant and heartwarming animated film, has captured the hearts of many with its enchanting story and memorable characters. One question that often comes up among fans is about the ages of the characters, especially Mirabel, Isabela, Luisa, and others. In this article, we’ll dive into the ages of these beloved characters, shedding light on how their ages play a role in their personalities and stories. Let’s get to know them better!

How Old is Mirabel?

Mirabel Madrigal, the relatable and endearing protagonist of “Encanto,” is 15 years old. At this age, she’s at a crossroads of adolescence, teetering between childhood innocence and the complexities of young adulthood. Mirabel’s age plays a significant role in her character development. She’s full of energy, curiosity, and a sense of wonder, yet she also experiences the insecurities and challenges that come with being a teenager. Her journey throughout the movie is not just about discovering the mysteries of her family’s magic but also about finding her place in the world.


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Despite not having a magical gift like the rest of her family, Mirabel’s age signifies her resilience and determination. At 15, she’s old enough to understand the challenges her family faces but still young enough to approach them with a unique perspective. Her age represents a time of growth, change, and the courage to face the unknown.

How Old is Isabela?

Isabela Madrigal, Mirabel’s older sister, is the epitome of grace and perfection in the eyes of her family. At 21 years old, she’s often seen as the golden child, with her ability to make flowers bloom, adding to her image of flawlessness. Isabela’s age reflects her transition into adulthood and the expectations that come with it. As a young adult, she struggles with the pressure to maintain her perfect image while also discovering her true self.

Being 21, Isabela is at a stage where she’s expected to make significant life decisions, including her arranged engagement, which she’s not entirely comfortable with. Her age represents the tension between fulfilling family expectations and exploring her individuality. Isabela’s journey in the film highlights the challenges and rewards of self-discovery and embracing one’s imperfections at any age.

How Old is Luisa?

Luisa Madrigal, the middle child of the Madrigal family, is known for her incredible strength, both physically and emotionally. At 19 years old, Luisa carries the weight of many responsibilities, symbolizing her role as the family’s rock. Her age positions her in late adolescence, a period where she’s not only grappling with the usual trials of young adulthood but also the immense pressure of being her family’s pillar of strength.

As a 19-year-old, Luisa experiences the common struggles of wanting to meet her family’s expectations while dealing with her own insecurities and fears. This age is significant as it highlights the transition from teenage years into adulthood, where responsibilities begin to mount. Luisa’s character demonstrates the challenges of balancing personal needs with familial duties, a common theme for many at this age.

How Old is Bruno?

Bruno Madrigal, one of the most intriguing characters in “Encanto,” is 50 years old. Known for his mysterious gift of seeing the future, Bruno’s age adds depth to his character. At 50, he has experienced enough of life to understand the complexities and nuances of his visions. His age reflects wisdom and experience, yet also the loneliness and misunderstandings that can come with such a unique gift.

Bruno’s life at 50 is marked by isolation, partly due to the fear his gift instills in others. This age signifies a point in life where one looks back on their past and forward to what the future holds. Bruno’s character at this age showcases the struggle of balancing personal truth with the fear of how it affects those he loves. His journey in the movie, intertwined with his age, speaks volumes about acceptance, understanding, and the courage to face one’s fears.

How Old is Pepa?

Pepa Madrigal, Bruno’s vibrant sister, known for her emotional weather-changing ability, is 50 years old. At this age, Pepa represents the typical middle-aged adult dealing with the highs and lows of life, which is humorously symbolized through her gift. Her age adds an element of maturity to her character while also highlighting the challenges of managing emotions and family expectations.

Being 50, Pepa is at a stage in life where balancing family life and personal emotions becomes crucial. Her age reflects the experience and wisdom gained over the years, yet also the ongoing struggle to maintain emotional stability. Pepa’s character at this age is a testament to the complexities of adult life, where one has to constantly juggle various roles and responsibilities, all while trying to keep their own emotions in check.

How Old is Camilo?

Camilo Madrigal, known for his shape-shifting abilities, is a lively and playful character at 15 years old. His age is a significant aspect of his character, reflecting the typical teenage desire for identity and belonging. As a 15-year-old, Camilo is in the midst of his adolescent years, a time filled with exploration, self-discovery, and a bit of mischief. His shape-shifting ability metaphorically represents the search for identity that many teenagers experience, constantly changing and adapting to find where they fit in.

At this age, Camilo exhibits the typical traits of a teenager: he’s energetic, sometimes impulsive, and keen to impress both his family and peers. His journey in the film, intertwined with his age, resonates with the audience, particularly with teenagers who are also on their path of self-discovery. Camilo’s age symbolizes the transformative period of adolescence, where changes are not just physical but also emotional and psychological.

How Old is Dolores?

Dolores Madrigal, possessing the gift of ultra-sensitive hearing, is 21 years old. At this age, Dolores represents the young adult who is acutely aware of her surroundings and sensitive to the dynamics of her family. Being 21, she is at a crossroads between youth and adulthood, where she is expected to take on more responsibilities while also dealing with the challenges of her unique ability.

Dolores’s age and her gift work together to highlight the often overwhelming nature of being in tune with everything around her. As a 21-year-old, she experiences the common struggles of young adulthood, such as developing romantic feelings and navigating her place in the larger family dynamics. Her character showcases the challenges of balancing personal desires with a heightened awareness of others’ needs and secrets, a delicate balance for someone at her age.

How Old is Antonio?

Antonio Madrigal, the youngest of the Madrigal grandchildren, is a delightful and innocent character at 5 years old. His age is crucial to his character, embodying the pure-hearted, imaginative nature of a young child. At 5, Antonio is at the stage of exploring his world with wonder and awe, a theme that resonates deeply in his storyline. His gift of communicating with animals aligns beautifully with his age, reflecting a child’s innate connection and fascination with nature and wildlife.


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Antonio’s journey of receiving his gift at the tender age of 5 symbolizes the magic and innocence of childhood. His character captures the essence of youthful curiosity and the excitement of discovering one’s own abilities. At this age, he looks up to his older siblings and cousins, seeing them as role models, and navigates his newfound gift with a sense of adventure and childlike enthusiasm.

How Old is Julieta?

Julieta Madrigal, the mother of Mirabel, Isabela, and Luisa, is a nurturing and caring figure in her late 40s. Julieta’s age is reflective of a seasoned, experienced mother who balances the responsibilities of caring for a large family while also offering her healing gifts to the community. At this stage in her life, she embodies the archetype of a matriarch, offering not just physical healing through her cooking but also emotional support to her family.

In her late 40s, Julieta represents the strength and resilience of motherhood. Her character demonstrates the wisdom that comes with age, as well as the deep understanding and empathy she has for her children’s struggles. Julieta’s age allows her to offer a mature perspective and guidance to her family, being a pillar of stability and love. Her role in the film showcases the importance of maternal figures in providing support and maintaining family unity.

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