How Old Are Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Sally & Others in ‘Percy Jackson’?

Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson, a name that rings familiar in the ears of many, is more than just a character in a book series. He’s a part of a world filled with Greek gods, monsters, and heroes. But how old are Percy and his friends, like Annabeth, Grover, and others in Rick Riordan’s ‘Percy Jackson’ series? Let’s dive in and find out.

How Old is Percy Jackson?

Percy Jackson, the central character of Rick Riordan’s series, embarks on his epic journey at the age of 12. Born on August 18, 1993, Percy is introduced in ‘The Lightning Thief’ as a young boy grappling with dyslexia and ADHD, only to discover these are signs of his demigod status. His age is crucial as it aligns with ancient Greek beliefs of heroes coming of age around 12. Through the series, Percy grows not just in age but in maturity and understanding of his complex world, which is a blend of modern-day America and ancient Greek mythology.

By the end of the series, in ‘The Last Olympian’, Percy is 16 years old. These four years see him confronting gods, battling monsters, and dealing with prophecies. His age progression is integral to the series, as it reflects his journey from a confused preteen to a heroic figure capable of making difficult choices. Percy’s character development is closely tied to his age, making his teenage years a time of significant change, challenge, and growth.

How Old is Annabeth Chase?

Annabeth Chase, a daughter of Athena, is first introduced at the age of 12. With a birth date of July 12, 1992, she is a few months older than Percy. Annabeth’s age is indicative of her role as a slightly more mature and experienced character compared to Percy, especially in their early interactions. Her age, like Percy’s, serves to highlight the journey from childhood to adolescence. Intelligent, brave, and sometimes stubborn, Annabeth’s character grows and evolves over the series.


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In ‘The Last Olympian’, Annabeth is 16 years old. These four years in her life are marked by significant development. From a wise-beyond-her-years child to a strong and independent young woman, Annabeth’s journey is one of self-discovery, friendship, and love. Her age is more than just a number; it represents her growth in knowledge, strength, and emotional depth, as she faces challenges both personal and epic in scale.

How Old is Grover Underwood?

Grover Underwood, a satyr, is chronologically 28 years old at the beginning of ‘The Lightning Thief’. However, in satyr years, this is considered quite young. Grover’s age is an interesting aspect of his character as it contrasts with his more youthful appearance and behavior. As Percy’s protector and friend, his age represents his experience and wisdom in the world of demigods and mythical creatures. Despite being older in years, Grover maintains a youthful spirit, essential for his role as a guide and companion to the younger demigods.

Grover’s age remains consistent throughout the series, given the longer lifespan of satyrs. His maturity and experience are juxtaposed with the teenage struggles and growth of characters like Percy and Annabeth. As a character, Grover brings a blend of humor, loyalty, and wisdom to the series, reflecting the traits valued by his species and his unique position in Percy’s life.

How Old is Sally Jackson?

Sally Jackson’s age is not explicitly stated in the series. However, based on the timeline and Percy’s age, it can be inferred that Sally is in her early to mid-thirties at the start of ‘The Lightning Thief’. As a single mother raising a demigod, her character embodies strength, love, and sacrifice. Her age and life experiences contribute to her wisdom and resilience, making her an anchor in Percy’s often chaotic life.

Throughout the series, Sally’s age and maturity provide a grounding influence. Her character is a testament to the strength and perseverance of a parent in extraordinary circumstances. Though not a demigod or a mythical being, Sally plays a crucial role in the series, supporting and guiding Percy as he navigates the challenges of his demigod status.

How Old is Ares?

Ares, the Greek God of War, is an ageless entity in the ‘Percy Jackson’ series. As a deity, he does not age like mortals or even demigods. His character, however, often exhibits traits associated with a young, brash warrior, full of aggression and impulsiveness. Ares’ agelessness contributes to his unpredictability and formidable nature as a god. His interactions with Percy and other characters reflect his timeless existence, making him a constant and often menacing presence.


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The concept of age in Greek gods like Ares is complex. They are eternal, yet their personalities and actions are often reflective of human traits. Ares’ character embodies the eternal nature of war and conflict, transcending the bounds of mortal aging and human lifespans. His role in the series highlights the timeless nature of the themes explored in Greek mythology, brought to life through the eyes of modern-day demigods.

How Old is Luke Castellan?

Luke Castellan, a pivotal character in the series, is initially 19 years old. Born in 1985, his character enters the story as a complex figure with a significant backstory. Luke’s age is essential to his role as a more experienced and somewhat jaded demigod. His older age compared to Percy and Annabeth lends a layer of depth and tragedy to his character arc. Over the course of the series, Luke’s actions and decisions are heavily influenced by the experiences and disillusionments he has faced in his relatively short but eventful life.

As the series progresses, Luke remains in his late teens, embodying the transition from adolescence to adulthood. His character serves as a foil to the younger demigods, highlighting the themes of betrayal, redemption, and the complexities of growing up in a world where gods and mortals intersect.

How Old is Thalia Grace?

Thalia Grace, the daughter of Zeus, is chronologically 16 years old when she first appears in the series. However, her actual age is more complex due to her unique circumstances. Thalia was turned into a tree when she was 12, halting her aging process for several years. This pause in her aging adds an intriguing aspect to her character, as she is both a contemporary and an anachronism among her fellow demigods.

Upon being revived from her tree form, Thalia resumes aging normally. Her age reflects her status as a bridge between the older and younger characters in the series, combining the wisdom of someone who has experienced much with the vitality of youth. Thalia’s character explores themes of destiny, choice, and the struggle of being caught between different worlds.

How Old is Clarisse La Rue?

Clarisse La Rue, a daughter of Ares, is approximately 15 years old when she first appears in the series. Her age places her in the midst of adolescence, contributing to her aggressive and competitive nature. As a character, Clarisse embodies the warrior spirit of her divine parent, showcasing the strength and ferocity often associated with Ares.

Throughout the series, Clarisse grows from a brash and hot-headed teenager into a more mature and capable leader. Her development is closely tied to her age and experiences at Camp Half-Blood. Clarisse’s journey from a reckless fighter to a responsible and brave warrior mirrors the challenges and changes that come with growing up.

How Old is Nico di Angelo?

Nico di Angelo is initially 10 years old when he is introduced in ‘The Titan’s Curse’. Born in the 1930s but growing up in the 21st century due to time manipulation, Nico’s character is an interesting blend of old-world innocence and modern-day savvy. His young age contrasts sharply with the darkness and depth of his character, especially as he discovers his heritage as a son of Hades.

As the series progresses, Nico ages normally, grappling with the complexities of his powers and his place in the world of gods and demigods. His journey from a naïve and grieving young boy to a more composed and powerful demigod highlights the themes of loss, identity, and the search for belonging.

How Old is Kronos?

Kronos, the primary antagonist and Titan lord of time, is an ageless entity. His existence stretches back to the primordial beginnings of the Greek cosmos. In the series, Kronos represents the timeless nature of ancient evils and challenges. He doesn’t have an age in a traditional sense, embodying instead the eternal struggle against tyranny and oppression.

Kronos’s character is a reminder of the perpetual cycle of rise, fall, and rebirth in mythologies. His interactions with the younger demigods, particularly Percy, serve to highlight the contrast between the eternal nature of the gods and the fleeting but significant lives of mortals and demigods. Kronos’s role in the series underscores the overarching themes of time, power, and the enduring nature of legend and myth.

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