How Old Are Pocahontas, John Smith, Meeko & Others in ‘Pocahontas’?


“Pocahontas” is a story that intertwines history with a rich tapestry of emotion and culture. At its heart are characters whose ages not only define their roles but also influence their perspectives and decisions. Understanding how old Pocahontas, John Smith, Meeko, and the other characters are adds layers to our appreciation of their journeys. Let’s explore the ages of these individuals and how their specific life stages contribute to the depth and nuance of “Pocahontas.”

How Old is Pocahontas?

Pocahontas, the free-spirited and courageous protagonist, stands at the intersection of adolescence and adulthood. Pocahontas is around 18 years old. This age is significant as it captures her youthful curiosity and her burgeoning sense of responsibility towards her people. Her age reflects her journey of self-discovery and her boldness in challenging the status quo.

At 18, Pocahontas embodies the spirit of a young woman poised on the brink of numerous life changes. Her age allows her to be both relatable and aspirational, navigating complex emotions and decisions with a maturity that belies her years.

How Old is John Smith?

John Smith, the adventurous and earnest English settler, is a bit older than Pocahontas. John Smith is in his late 20s. His age makes him an experienced traveler and soldier, yet still open to new ideas and change. Smith’s age positions him as someone who has seen the world but is still capable of growth and transformation.


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Being in his late 20s, John Smith represents the bridge between two different worlds and ideologies. His age provides him with a certain level of experience and authority, yet he remains open to the wisdom and perspectives offered by Pocahontas and her culture.

How Old is Meeko?

Meeko, the playful and curious raccoon, is a character whose age is not specified but can be inferred from his behavior. Meeko’s age is akin to that of a young animal, full of energy and mischief. His youthful nature brings a sense of fun and lightness to the narrative, balancing the more serious themes of the film.

Meeko’s age, while not defined in human years, is reflective of a young and playful spirit. His antics and curiosity add a layer of humor and innocence to the story, providing a charming counterpoint to the more mature and complex human characters.

How Old is Governor Ratcliffe?

Governor Ratcliffe, the ambitious and antagonistic leader of the English settlers, is an older character. Ratcliffe is in his early 50s. His age reflects his position of power and his hardened views shaped by years of experience in leadership and exploration. Ratcliffe’s age contributes to his portrayal as a seasoned yet rigid figure, resistant to change and understanding.

In his early 50s, Ratcliffe represents a character set in his ways, driven by personal ambition and a narrow worldview. His age contrasts with the younger, more open-minded characters, highlighting the clash of cultures and ideologies central to the story.

How Old is Chief Powhatan?

Chief Powhatan, Pocahontas’s father, is a wise and respected leader. Chief Powhatan is in his late 40s. His age signifies a leader in the prime of his life, balancing the needs of his people with the challenges posed by new arrivals. Powhatan’s age gives him a perspective that is both protective and pragmatic.

Being in his late 40s, Chief Powhatan embodies the qualities of a mature, thoughtful leader. His age adds depth to his character, showcasing a father’s concern for his daughter’s future and a leader’s responsibility to his tribe. His decisions and actions are underscored by a lifetime of experience, wisdom, and the weight of leadership.

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