Jacob Batalon Shares Uncertainty About Ned Leeds’ Future in ‘Spider-Man 4’


Jacob Batalon, known for playing Ned Leeds, is unsure about his character turning into the villain Hobgoblin in the upcoming ‘Spider-Man 4’. In a recent interview, he mentioned that while there have been discussions, nothing concrete has emerged regarding his character’s transformation into a villain. He also expressed doubts about his appearance in the movie, highlighting the unpredictable nature of the film industry.

Tom Holland, reprising his role as Spider-Man, revealed his strong connection to the franchise. He credits it for his career success and mentioned having more creative influence in upcoming projects. Holland is keen on preserving the legacy created with ‘No Way Home’, signaling his deep commitment to the Spider-Man series.

On the other hand, Zendaya is set to return as MJ. However, she hasn’t made any public comments about her continued involvement. This has kept fans guessing about what to expect from her character in the new installment.


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Marvel Studios has experienced some challenges with recent releases, prompting discussions about reducing the number of projects to maintain quality. Despite this, the Spider-Man franchise remains a major draw for audiences, consistently proving to be a top performer for Marvel.

‘Spider-Man 4’ is still in the early stages of development with the script unfinished. Production is targeted to begin in late 2024, hinting at a release around 2026. This timeline suggests that we might have to wait a bit longer to see our favorite characters back in action.

As a fan, I’m open to whatever direction the franchise takes. The uncertainty adds an element of excitement, and it’s always a treat to see how beloved characters evolve. Let’s hope for another remarkable addition to the Spider-Man saga that captures our imaginations once again.

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