Marvel Rivals: Here’s Everything We Know So Far About the Game

Marvel Rivals

Marvel is diving into the realm of team-based, player-vs-player shooters with its latest offering, ‘Marvel Rivals.’ Developed in collaboration with NetEase Games, this upcoming PC title will pit iconic heroes and villains against each other in dynamic 6v6 battles. With maps ranging from Asgard to Tokyo 2099 and featuring destructible environments, this game promises a fresh take on the genre. Unlike ‘Overwatch’, ‘Marvel Rivals’ operates from a third-person perspective, adding a new layer to gameplay with unique team-up abilities based on relationships from the comics.

Game Overview

‘Marvel Rivals’ introduces a new era in Marvel gaming as a team-based, player-vs-player shooter. This free-to-play PC game allows players to choose from a roster of Marvel heroes and villains to compete in explosive matches. Teams of six will face off in various iconic Marvel universe settings, bringing comic book action to life.

The game is developed by NetEase Games in collaboration with Marvel Games. It combines the excitement of fast-paced shooter gameplay with the rich, character-driven narratives Marvel fans adore. From gameplay mechanics to character design, ‘Marvel Rivals’ aims to offer an engaging and immersive experience.

Set across multiple worlds from the vast Marvel multiverse, players can battle it out in places like futuristic Tokyo and mythical Asgard. Each map is designed to be partially destructible, ensuring no two matches are ever the same. This dynamic environment keeps gameplay unpredictable and thrilling.

Unique Features

Unlike its counterparts, ‘Marvel Rivals’ is played from a third-person point of view. This perspective shift offers a broader visual field, allowing players to fully appreciate the game’s graphics and character animations. It also adds a strategic layer to gameplay, as players must be aware of their surroundings.

The environments in ‘Marvel Rivals’ are not just static backgrounds but play a significant role in the game. Many elements within the maps are destructible, which can alter the flow of combat and provide tactical advantages. This feature ensures that the strategies need constant adapting, keeping the gameplay fresh.

Character relationships play a crucial role in ‘Marvel Rivals’. Team-up abilities are influenced by the histories characters share in the Marvel comics, adding an element of depth to choosing your squad. For example, pairing characters like Iron Man and Captain America can unlock powerful combo moves that reflect their teamwork in the comics.

Gameplay Mechanics

‘Marvel Rivals’ features 6v6 team-based matches that emphasize both individual skill and team strategy. The objective varies by game mode but generally involves outsmarting and outplaying the opposing team through combat and objective control.

Character abilities are a mix of offensive, defensive, and support types, allowing players to customize their gameplay style according to their preferred Marvel character. Each character has unique powers that can turn the tide of battle, making character selection and team composition critical to success.

The game incorporates a dynamic ‘Team-Up Skills’ system where characters can enhance each other’s abilities. This system encourages players to collaborate and strategize effectively, making teamwork more rewarding and integral to conquering matches.

Confirmed Playable Characters

‘Marvel Rivals’ will launch with a diverse lineup of 18 Marvel characters, each bringing unique abilities and styles to the battlefield. This ensures players have plenty of options to find their perfect hero or villain to suit their gameplay style.

  • Rocket Raccoon
  • Groot
  • Doctor Strange
  • Black Panther
  • Iron Man
  • Spider-Man
  • Star Lord
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Loki
  • Namor
  • Magneto
  • Magik
  • Storm
  • Peni Parker
  • Luna Snow
  • Hulk
  • Mantis
  • The Punisher

Alpha Playtest Details

Ahead of the official launch, ‘Marvel Rivals’ will undergo a closed alpha test phase starting in May. This early access will allow a select group of players to explore the game, providing valuable feedback on mechanics and balance.

Registration for the alpha playtest is now open, and interested players can sign up by completing a form which includes questions about gaming preferences and familiarity with Marvel content. This helps the development team gather a wide range of insights.

Invitations for the playtest will be sent via email, so participants should keep an eye on their inboxes. The alpha phase is crucial for debugging and final adjustments, ensuring the game is polished and ready for its broader release.

Release Plans and Platform Availability

Currently, ‘Marvel Rivals’ is confirmed for release on PC. It can be wishlisted on both Steam and the Epic Games Store, which will help gauge interest and gather a potential player base ahead of launch.

While there’s no fixed release date yet, NetEase has indicated that the game is still in the early stages of development. Players can expect the alpha testing phase to begin in the first half of 2024, with more specific dates to be announced closer to the event.

The possibility of ‘Marvel Rivals’ expanding to consoles such as PS5 and Xbox Series X|S remains open. The focus for now is perfecting the game on PC before considering broader platform availability.

Story and Setting

The narrative backdrop of ‘Marvel Rivals’ involves a cataclysmic event called the Timestream Entanglement, masterminded by Doctor Doom and his 2099 counterpart. This crisis forces heroes and villains from different realities to clash in an epic multiverse battle.

Game matches will take place in well-known Marvel locations like Asgard and a futuristic Tokyo, each designed with unique elements and destructible features. These settings are not just visually impressive but also integral to the gameplay, offering various tactical opportunities.

The story serves as a fun pretext to bring together a large cast of characters in a single game, allowing players to engage in what-if scenarios that wouldn’t typically occur within the traditional Marvel narrative structures.

Post-Launch Content

As a live-service game, ‘Marvel Rivals’ is planned to evolve continuously. NetEase has promised regular updates that will introduce new characters, maps, and possibly even game modes, keeping the game environment dynamic and engaging.

Details on how new characters will be introduced or if they will be available for free or via purchase haven’t been disclosed. However, players can expect a range of microtransactions, likely focusing on cosmetics and possibly gameplay enhancements like skins or special abilities.

The approach to post-launch content aims to keep the community active and invested, ensuring that ‘Marvel Rivals’ remains fresh and exciting long after the initial release.

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