Marvel Studios Clamps Down on Leaks with Legal Action Against Scooper


Marvel Studios is stepping up to protect its secrets by going after the anonymous social media account @CanWeGetSomeToast. This account has been posting leaks, including photos from the set of ‘Captain America: Brave New World’. The breaking point came with leaked images of Sam Wilson’s new Captain America suit, which was also shown in a McDonald’s campaign. Marvel has issued a DMCA subpoena to Instagram to reveal the account operator’s identity.

Matthew Slattof, who heads Global Security and Content Protection at Marvel, filed the subpoena. If Marvel confirms who’s behind the account, they might sue them. This move could change how leaks are handled on platforms like Reddit and other social media.

Leaks have been an issue for Marvel since the first Avengers film, but recently, leakers have turned their inside knowledge into a business by charging for subscriptions. This strategy change might be why Marvel is taking stronger action now.

The outcome of this legal action could make other leakers think twice before sharing secrets. It’s an interesting situation for us as fans because it could mean fewer spoilers, which preserves the surprises Marvel plans for us.

As we look forward to upcoming releases like ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ and ‘Avengers 5’, it’s clear Marvel wants to keep a tight lid on their content. How this case develops will be something to watch over the next few weeks, as it could set a new standard for how information is shared online.

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