Marvel Studios Eyeing This Horror Movie Director To Helm ‘Midnight Suns’

Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios is making progress on the ‘Midnight Suns’ movie, focusing on the darker supernatural elements of the MCU. They’re considering Fede Álvarez, known for his work on horror films like ‘Evil Dead’ and ‘Don’t Breathe’, to direct. Álvarez is currently getting attention for his upcoming movie ‘Alien: Romulus’, adding to his reputation as a top choice.

Kevin Feige, the big boss at Marvel Studios, is keen on having Álvarez take over the project. This move makes sense, especially with Álvarez’s knack for the horror genre, which aligns well with the Midnight Suns’ theme. The team includes characters like Blade, Ghost Rider, and Doctor Strange, who deal with supernatural threats.

Another name in the mix is Michael Giacchino, known for directing ‘Werewolf by Night’ and his long-standing role as an MCU composer. His recent Marvel Studios Special Presentation showed he could handle the eerie and mystical, making him a strong candidate.

Álvarez, in the past, expressed concerns about the creative constraints in making a Marvel movie. He said, ‘A lot of those movies are cool and we’re watching them. But as a director, it’s harder to have your vision in those. They’ve figured out the style, the way they shoot them, the colors, the humor. What would I do?’ He enjoys creating his own style and setting the tone, which he found challenging but rewarding with ‘Evil Dead’.

If Álvarez or Giacchino steps in, we might see a unique blend of horror and superhero action. With the MCU expanding and the next Avengers movies on the horizon, timing will be crucial to introduce the Midnight Suns. Characters like Moon Knight and Black Knight could also join this spooky squad, offering a fresh flavor to the MCU’s vast universe. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that this project moves forward soon.

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