Mixed Reactions to Superman’s New Look in Upcoming James Gunn Film


James Gunn’s upcoming movie Superman, featuring David Corenswet in the iconic role, has sparked a mix of reactions with its first look. The film, initially titled Superman: Legacy, is highly anticipated, with Rachel Brosnahan playing Lois Lane and Nicholas Hoult as the villain Lex Luther.

The snapshot of Corenswet as Superman shows him in a rugged, weathered costume, a departure from the clean-cut image we’re familiar with. This gritty appearance suggests he’s seen quite a bit of action. The photo, captured by Jess Miglio entirely on set, adds to the authenticity that Gunn aims for.

Reaction to the new suit is split. Some fans appreciate the fresh take, praising its perfect fit and how closely Corenswet resembles Henry Cavill. ‘Ok, that does look better. I will admit,’ one fan expressed on social media, while others are in awe, calling it ‘perfect’ and ‘incredible.’

However, not everyone is thrilled. Critiques range from the suit being ‘bulky’ with ‘weird lines’ to appearing too much like a ‘Halloween costume.’ It’s described by some as rubbery, and others hoped for a sleeker design.

An exciting detail for many is the inclusion of the classic trunks in the costume. ‘I see trunks!’ a fan pointed out enthusiastically. This element has received a warm reception, with another adding that the photo is ‘actually beautiful.’

With so much attention on the new suit, we can’t wait to see what James Gunn has in store for us when Superman hits theaters next July 2025. Let’s hope DC delivers a movie that lives up to the high expectations.

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