According to a New Rumor, Norman Reedus Is Cast in ‘Blade’ as Ghost Rider


The latest buzz in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has Norman Reedus possibly suiting up as Ghost Rider in the upcoming ‘Blade’ movie, starring Mahershala Ali. This rumor has fans curious and hopeful, as Reedus is known not just for his iconic role as Daryl Dixon in ‘The Walking Dead’, but also for his deep love for motorcycles, showcased in his ‘Ride’ series.

Giant Freakin Robot, a controversial tipping site, recently claimed that Reedus is set to appear as Ghost Rider in the 2025 release of ‘Blade’. Though this site often gets overlooked due to its hit-or-miss history, they’ve gained some credibility lately, even getting nods from reliable sources like The Hollywood Reporter.

The rumor has sparked a lot of discussion, especially since Reedus has not shied away from expressing his desire to play Ghost Rider. He’s teased fans on social media multiple times, liking posts related to him playing the character and even sharing fan art depicting him as the fiery Marvel hero.

Adding to the intrigue, Reedus previously starred in ‘Blade II’ as Scud back in 2002, well before the MCU was a thing. Although his original character won’t be returning in the new ‘Blade’, his potential casting as Ghost Rider adds a neat layer to his association with the Blade franchise.

Despite all the teases and rumors, nothing official has been confirmed by Marvel Studios or the ‘Blade’ movie’s team. Fans are left waiting to see if these whispers will turn into reality when the film hits theaters in November 2025.

As we hang tight for an official announcement, it’s clear that Reedus joining the MCU would be a thrilling development, especially riding in as the enigmatic Ghost Rider. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope the rumors light up the big screen with fiery truth.

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