‘Sand Land’ Series Drops Exciting New Trailer and Art

Sand Land

The excitement is building with the latest main trailer and key art for Sand Land: The Series. It’s set to kick off its journey on Disney+ worldwide, starting March 20. What’s cool is that we’ll get to binge-watch the first seven episodes right away.

This series has taken the story from last year’s Sand Land movie and added some twists. Now, we’ve got scenes that didn’t make it into the movie, iconic moments from Akira Toriyama’s original manga, and some new stuff that happens after the movie ends. If you didn’t know, Toriyama is the genius behind Dragon Ball.

The trailer isn’t just about the desert action; it gives us a glimpse of ‘Water Carrier’ by Kroi, the opening song. And for a cherry on top, the ending sequence with ‘Drive My Idea’ by Tempalay is already up on YouTube for us to enjoy.

A bit about the story – it’s set in a future where war has turned Earth into a wasteland. Water is scarce, controlled by a greedy king. But there’s hope. Sheriff Rao, with Beelzebub, the demon king’s son, and Thief, embark on a quest for a long-lost lake. They face dragons, bandits, and the king’s army itself. It’s an adventure with tank action that sounds super exciting.

The team behind this series includes Toshihisa Yokoshima directing and advice from Hiroshi Koujina. Hayashi Mori wrote the screenplay, and Yuugo Kanno composed the music. Animation is brought to life by Sunrise, Kamikaze Douga, and ANIMA.

Voice talents like Mutsumi Tamura, Kazuhiro Yamaji, and Choo, among others, bring the characters to life. It’s a mix of familiar voices and new, making the series something to look forward to.

Oh, and there’s also a Sand Land video game launching on April 26 for consoles and Steam. So, whether you’re a fan of manga, anime, or gaming, there’s something for everyone. Can’t wait to see how this series unfolds!

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