10 Things You Didn’t Know About Spider-Man


Spider-Man is a character that many of us think we know well, swinging from building to building and fighting crime with a witty quip ready at all times. Yet, beneath the iconic suit and superhero antics, there are many details about Peter Parker and his alter ego that remain largely unknown, even to longtime fans. Let’s uncover some intriguing facts about Spider-Man that might surprise you.

Spider-Man was almost called ‘The Fly’

When Spider-Man was first being developed, he was nearly named ‘The Fly’. This idea was part of the early concept stages before Stan Lee and his team settled on the now-famous moniker, deciding that Spider-Man sounded more intriguing and fitting for the character’s abilities and the spider-inspired theme.

His web-slingers weren’t originally part of his powers

Initially, Spider-Man did not have the ability to organically produce webs. Instead, Peter Parker used his scientific prowess to invent the web-shooters that he wears on his wrists. This invention emphasized his background in science and his ingenuity, making his character stand out more as a relatable hero.

Spider-Man once became a member of the Fantastic Four

Spider-Man once joined the Fantastic Four, albeit briefly, and the team was renamed the ‘Future Foundation’. During this time, his suit changed to a black and white color scheme to match the team’s aesthetic, highlighting his integration and the significance of his role within the group.

He has a spider-mobile that can climb walls

In an interesting twist to his usual web-swinging travel, Spider-Man once had a ‘Spider-Mobile’. This car was specially designed to drive up walls and across ceilings, sticking to surfaces just like Spider-Man. It was a quirky addition to his gadget lineup, often remembered for its uniqueness and comic appeal.

Peter Parker once worked as a high school science teacher

After graduating from college, Peter Parker took up a job as a high school science teacher. This role tied back to his scientific background and love for science, offering him a way to share his knowledge and passion with the next generation while still keeping his identity as Spider-Man a secret.

Spider-Man’s parents were secret agents

Peter Parker’s parents, Richard and Mary Parker, were revealed to be secret agents for a U.S. agency. This backstory added a layer of mystery and depth to his character, linking his family’s history to his later life as Spider-Man and his inherent drive to help others and seek justice.

There is a Spider-Man with a pig alter ego named ‘Spider-Ham’

In a lighter, more humorous take within the Spider-Man multiverse, there exists ‘Spider-Ham’, a pig version of Spider-Man named Peter Porker. This character parodies the traditional Spider-Man stories and adds a fun, whimsical twist to the Spider-Man legacy.

Peter Parker sold his marriage to the devil

In one of the most controversial storylines, Peter Parker made a deal with the devil (Mephisto) to save Aunt May’s life, which resulted in the erasure of his marriage to Mary Jane Watson from reality. This decision led to a major reset in the Spider-Man story arcs, sparking debates among fans about the direction of the character’s narrative.

Spider-Man was once turned into a real spider

In a bizarre twist of events, Spider-Man was once transformed into an actual spider. This transformation was temporary but allowed for a deep exploration of his character, confronting his fears and the essence of his spider powers in a literal sense.

His iconic suit was once black to symbolize mourning

Spider-Man’s suit turned black after the death of his girlfriend Gwen Stacy, symbolizing his mourning and darker state of mind. This suit eventually became associated with the alien symbiote that turns into Venom, adding a significant chapter to the Spider-Man lore and his personal challenges.

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