Wesley Snipes Reacts To Rumors About Returning as Blade


The MCU has many projects lined up for the next few years, and one of the most anticipated is the ‘Blade’ reboot. Mahershala Ali will play the famous vampire hunter, a role he proposed himself. The movie was initially set to release in 2023 but has been delayed to 2025. This delay is due to Ali not being satisfied with the script.

Recently, rumors spread that Wesley Snipes might return to his iconic role as Blade. Many of us still see him as the best vampire hunter, so the idea of his return was exciting. Some rumors even suggested Snipes would appear in multiple projects within the Multiverse Saga.

Snipes saw these rumors and had a hilarious reaction that seemed to debunk them. While this doesn’t entirely rule out the possibility, his age makes it unlikely he would commit to several projects. A quick cameo might be possible, but nothing more substantial.

The development of the upcoming ‘Blade’ movie has been rocky. The story has changed multiple times, and Mahershala Ali almost left the project at one point. Aaron Pierre, among others, did leave for undisclosed reasons. Latest reports indicate that the movie’s plot has been simplified to focus mainly on Blade hunting vampires. Shooting is set to start in Mexico soon.

Snipes’ reaction adds to the uncertainty around his involvement. While it’s still unclear if he will appear in the movie, the reaction hints that we shouldn’t get our hopes up. The movie’s turbulent development and constant changes have left many questions unanswered.

As we look forward to the new ‘Blade’, it’s clear the MCU is aiming to bring a fresh take while honoring the legacy of the original films. Whether or not Snipes will make an appearance, the focus remains on delivering a compelling story with Mahershala Ali at the helm.

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