10 Things You Didn’t Know About Blade


Blade, the vampire hunter, has become a cult hero in both comics and movies, but there’s a lot more to this character than meets the eye. Known for his cool demeanor and fierce battle skills, Blade’s backstory and evolution are filled with twists that even long-time followers might not know. Let’s slice through the shadows and uncover some intriguing details about this dark protector.

Blade’s mother was attacked by a vampire while she was pregnant

Blade’s origin is marked by tragedy; his mother was attacked by a vampire during her pregnancy. This attack not only caused her death but also transferred vampire enzymes to Blade at birth, granting him unique vampire-like abilities without the typical weaknesses.

His real name is Eric Brooks

Blade was born Eric Brooks, a name that many fans might not immediately recognize as it’s often overshadowed by his fearsome moniker. His journey from Eric to Blade underscores his transformation from a mere human into a relentless vampire hunter.

Blade was originally a supporting character

Initially, Blade did not star in his own comic series but was a supporting character in the ‘Tomb of Dracula’ series. His compelling attributes and fan appeal eventually paved the way for his own stories and a larger role in the Marvel Universe.

He is immune to vampire bites

One of Blade’s key advantages in his fight against vampires is his immunity to vampire bites. This immunity prevents him from turning into a vampire, allowing him to battle these creatures without fear of becoming one of them.

Blade was a jazz musician in the comics

In his earlier comic appearances, Blade was portrayed as a skilled jazz musician. This part of his character added depth to his persona, showing a side of him that appreciated art and culture despite his harsh life.

He has teamed up with Dracula

In an unexpected twist in his narrative, Blade has teamed up with Dracula, his archenemy, on several occasions when their goals aligned. These temporary alliances added complexity to his character, demonstrating that his ultimate mission is to combat greater evil.

Blade’s sword has a special anti-vampire serum

Blade’s iconic sword is not only lethal due to its design but also because it is coated with a special anti-vampire serum. This serum enhances its effectiveness, making it a deadly tool specifically engineered for his mission to eradicate vampires.

He became the leader of the Vampire Nation

In a surprising development in his storyline, Blade once took on the role of the leader of the Vampire Nation. This role reversal was a strategic move to influence vampire society from within, showcasing his leadership skills and strategic thinking.

Blade’s first comic appearance wasn’t in a horror story

Contrary to what many might assume given his vampire-centric narrative, Blade’s first comic appearance was not in a horror story. He debuted in a comic that blended action and adventure, setting the stage for the darker themes that would later define his character.

He has a daughter named Fallon Grey

Blade’s legacy extends to his daughter, Fallon Grey. Introduced in the comics, Fallon inherits her father’s mission, adding a new layer to Blade’s narrative and expanding his story into a new generation.

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