‘X-Men ’97’ Nowhere to Be Seen in Nielsen Ratings


Four episodes into its release, ‘X-Men ’97’ hasn’t shown up on the Nielsen ratings charts yet. This absence has sparked questions about the show’s success, especially since Nielsen usually covers all episodes released in a week. For comparison, even ‘The Magic Prank Show’ made it onto the charts with 274 million minutes viewed.

Looking back at other Marvel animated series on Disney+, ‘What If…?’ Season 1 did appear on Nielsen after four episodes but didn’t have high numbers. It’s worth noting that ‘What If…?’ Season 2 did better because all episodes were released at once. This might suggest that binge-releasing could be more effective than weekly episodes.

Other shows from Disney have also struggled. ‘The Bad Batch’, despite being popular among dedicated fans, hasn’t been a frequent presence on Nielsen or SambaTV charts, which includes real-time viewership data. Interestingly, despite low viewership numbers, Disney has continued to renew these series, including ‘X-Men ’97’ which has a second season greenlit.


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Many of us remember the original ‘X-Men’ series from the ’90s, which was hugely popular. So, it’s puzzling that this new series isn’t pulling in the viewers. On Twitter, I’ve seen lots of talk about the show. It ‘trends’ often, and people seem to love it. This disconnect might reflect broader issues with how Marvel and Disney series are perceived nowadays. After some fans felt let down by recent ‘Star Wars’ and Marvel releases, it seems only the most loyal are sticking around on Disney+.

It’s also been revealed by Disney for Variety, that ‘PERCY JACKSON’, ‘ECHO’ and ‘X-MEN ‘97’ are the top 3 most viewed Disney+ original series in 2024 so far.

  • Percy Jackson took 23.3% of total viewership so far.
  • Echo took 11.8% of total viewership so far.
  • X-Men ’97 S1 took 6.8% of total viewership so far.

Even with these challenges, ‘X-Men ’97’ is set for more seasons. Disney must be seeing some positives in the data that aren’t captured in public charts, or perhaps they’re focusing on satisfying the core fans who continue to watch.

Will there be more seasons after the next one? The second season is already written, but changes in the production team could influence what happens next. Let’s hope ‘X-Men ’97’ can find its footing and reconnect with more viewers as it continues.

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