‘G.I. Joe – Snake Eyes’ Game Is in the Works


Hasbro is taking a big step with their video game strategy. They are developing a ‘GI JOE – Snake Eyes’ game, designed to echo the success of the ‘Batman: Arkham’ series. This game is in the works at Atomic Arcade, a studio in North Carolina. The team leading this project includes creators who previously worked on ‘Batman: Arkham Asylum’, which suggests we can expect some exciting gameplay.

Previously, Hasbro relied heavily on licensing deals, like those for ‘Monopoly Go’ and ‘Baldur’s Gate 3’, which were developed by external studios. But now, they are shifting to create games in-house. Dan Ayoub from Wizards of the Coast mentioned at the Game Developers Conference that Hasbro is now developing over $1 billion worth of games internally.

Besides ‘Snake Eyes’, Hasbro is expanding its portfolio with other major titles. They have studios working on a new ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ game, a spooky-themed game, and an original IP named ‘Exodus’. This shows Hasbro’s commitment to a diverse and robust lineup of video games.

Ayoub stressed the importance of quality and authenticity in Hasbro’s games. They are making sure each game is well-crafted and stays true to its roots. This approach is vital as Hasbro aims to make gaming a central part of their long-term strategy. They want to ensure that every release is something that can build and expand their presence in the gaming world.

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