Hangover Star Joins Disney’s Lilo & Stitch for Upcoming Live-Action Film

Hangover Star Joins Disney's Lilo & Stitch for Upcoming Live-Action Film

Zach Galifianakis, known for his roles in “The Hangover” and “Bob’s Burgers,” has been confirmed to star in Disney’s upcoming live-action movie adaptation of “Lilo & Stitch.” While specific details about the project remain largely undisclosed, Deadline reports that the role assigned to Galifianakis has been kept under wraps. However, The Wrap suggests that he might be playing the character Pleakley.

Typically, these live-action remakes of beloved Disney animated classics remain faithful to the original storyline, and “Lilo & Stitch” is no exception. The film revolves around a young girl named Lilo, who has a fateful encounter with Stitch, the galaxy’s most wanted extraterrestrial.

As fans eagerly await more news about the upcoming film, Galifianakis’ addition to the cast has heightened excitement and anticipation for what is sure to be an entertaining and memorable live-action adaptation.

Dean Fleischer Camp, who directed the live-action/stop-motion hybrid film “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On,” has been announced as the director of the upcoming live-action remake of “Lilo & Stitch.” The heartwarming Marcel the Shell film was released in US cinemas last year and made its UK debut on February 17.

Initially, “Lilo & Stitch” was planned to be directed by Jon M. Chu, known for directing “Crazy Rich Asians” and “In The Heights”. However, the project fell through, and Dean Fleischer Camp was brought on board as the replacement director.

Chris Sanders, who co-directed the original animated film, expressed his frustration last year about the animated film “Frozen” receiving acclaim for portraying sisterhood when “Lilo & Stitch” had explored the same theme over a decade earlier. Sanders stated, “We did that! That has absolutely been done before.”

There is currently no release date for the live-action adaptation of “Lilo & Stitch”, and it is uncertain whether it will be released in theaters or on Disney+. Nonetheless, fans eagerly anticipate the new film’s release and are excited to see the beloved characters come to life in a live-action format.

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