Spider-Man Returns in ‘X-Men ‘97’ Cameo


The latest episode of ‘X-Men ‘97’ titled ‘Tolerance is Extinction – Part 1’ on Disney+ has given us a delightful surprise. The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man makes a cameo appearance during a dramatic sequence. As Magneto’s powers wreak havoc in the city, causing a blackout, Spider-Man swings into the scene. This scene not only captivates with its visual flair but also confirms a major fan theory.

Fans speculated that the Spider-Man appearing in this episode was the same one from the ‘90s Spider-Man: The Animated Series. The writer, Beau DeMayo, confirmed this on X (formerly known as Twitter). He said, ‘It is indeed that Spider-Man.’ Although this Spider-Man doesn’t speak in the episode, his presence is a significant nod to fans who cherished the original series, which aired from 1994 to 1998.

Spider-Man’s history with the X-Men isn’t new. In the ’90s animated series, he sought help from the X-Men to understand his mutations, marking memorable crossovers. The revival of these characters in ‘X-Men ‘97’ adds layers of nostalgia and excitement, reflecting the interconnected universe they once shared.

This isn’t the first time other Marvel characters have made appearances in ‘X-Men ‘97’. The series has already introduced us to characters like The Watcher, Captain America, and even iconic villains like Baron Zemo and Doctor Doom. It’s thrilling to see how the series weaves these characters into its storyline, maintaining a rich, interconnected universe that pays homage to the Marvel legacy.

With the finale of the series approaching, the anticipation is high. We are eager to see which other characters will make an appearance and whether our favorite web-slinger will team up with the mutants again. As Jake Castorena, the director of the series, hinted, cameos are a core element of ‘X-Men ‘97’. This approach not only enriches the story but also ties back to the broader Marvel universe, celebrating its vast and dynamic character pool.

As we wait for new episodes every Wednesday on Disney+, it’s clear that ‘X-Men ‘97’ is more than just a cartoon. It’s a bridge to the past for many of us, reviving the characters and stories that once defined our understanding of heroism and adventure.

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