‘Midnight’ Manga Springs to Life: A Tezuka Classic Through an iPhone Lens


Osamu Tezuka’s masterpiece, Midnight, has taken a leap from the pages of manga to the screen, and it’s quite the twist – it’s been shot entirely on an iPhone 15 Pro. This project is a part of Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign in Japan and brings a fresh take on filming.

The short film runs for 19 minutes and is a collaborative effort, with big names like Takashi Miike directing and Misako Saka producing. They were joined by Nobuyasu Kita, who took charge of cinematography, and Koji Endo, who composed the music. The screenplay was crafted by Yusuke Watanabe, whose creativity has graced the Attack on Titan movies and the 2008 20th Century Boys film adaptation.

Kento Kaku steps into the shoes of Midnight, with Konatsu Kato playing Kaede, bringing the characters to life. The story dives into the nocturnal adventures of a taxi driver, Midnight, who meets a spectrum of odd passengers during his rounds. His taxi isn’t just any car; it’s equipped with a unique fifth wheel that allows it to navigate all kinds of roads, making Midnight and his taxi a unified force of the night.

Director Takashi Miike shared his thoughts, saying it was an honor to bring Tezuka’s work to life using just an iPhone. He found himself pushing the boundaries of what’s expected in filmmaking, realizing the iPhone’s potential to do things traditional cameras can’t.

This adaptation made its debut on YouTube on March 6, followed by showings on apple.com/jp, Abema TV, and Apple TV. It’s a modern twist on Tezuka’s suspense drama, originally serialized in Weekly Shonen Champion back in 1986-1987, and delves into the darker, more mysterious facets of the night through the lens of Midnight and his unique taxi.

As fans, we’re drawn into this innovative portrayal, witnessing how modern technology like the iPhone can bring a classic story to life in unexpected, yet captivating ways.

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