Rogue’s Shield Toss Stirs Laughs and Debate Among ‘X-Men ’97’ Fans


The newest episode of X-Men ’97 hit Disney+ today, sparking a flurry of reactions with a funny moment involving Rogue and Captain America. Titled ‘Bright Eyes,’ this episode brings us Captain America, voiced by Josh Keaton, who’s caught up in a disagreement with Rogue, played by Lenore Zann. Having lost Gambit recently, Rogue is on a quest for vengeance, which leads to a clash with Captain America. Their difference in opinion ends humorously with Rogue throwing Cap’s shield far away.

Fans have been quick to react to this unexpected action from Rogue. Many find the sight of Captain America’s shield flying through the air both shocking and hilarious. Social media is buzzing with memes and jokes about the incident. It’s clear we all find it quite funny to see such a bold move from Rogue.

Seeing Rogue and Captain America together was a highlight for many, though they aren’t exactly the best of friends on screen. Their interaction, especially with the iconic shield toss, has definitely struck a chord. While some fans are poking fun at the disrespect shown to the shield, others are just enjoying the humor in the situation.

This episode not only entertained but also kept us glued to the screen with its engaging storyline and surprises. The cameo by one of Marvel’s most famous characters certainly added to the excitement. It’s moments like these that keep us talking and laughing together as fans.

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