‘X-Men ’97’ Isn’t Technically Canon but It Could Crossover with the MCU in the Future


Showrunner Beau DeMayo has shared some insights about the animated series X-Men ’97 and its connection with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). While the series is currently not part of the MCU canon, there’s a hint that it might intersect with the live-action universe in the future. DeMayo mentioned that the series should be seen as its own entity, similar to a ‘neighboring tree’ rather than a branch of the MCU’s multiverse tree. This suggests that while they are separate, there could be some interaction between them down the road.

The terminology of ‘trees’ and ‘branches’ used by DeMayo is interesting, especially considering how timelines are portrayed in the Disney Plus show Loki. In Loki, the concept of multiple timelines and dimensions is central, and the finale of season 2 ties closely with this theme, with Loki becoming the keeper of timelines, linked to the mythological Yggdrasil tree.

As for X-Men ’97, the show is set to continue with two more chapters beyond its current run. Fans, or rather, we, are eager to see how these new episodes will unfold and whether they will eventually connect with the MCU. This speculation is fueled by theories and discussions among viewers, including ideas shared on platforms like Reddit about possible crossovers with upcoming Marvel projects like Deadpool & Wolverine.

The show streams new episodes every Wednesday on Disney Plus. If you’re a fan of Easter eggs and deep dives into the X-Men universe, the current episodes have plenty to offer. Plus, there’s a lot to look forward to with the release of new X-Men comics in 2024 and upcoming movie releases, which help us keep track of all the X-Men action in order.

In summary, while X-Men ’97 stands on its own for now, the door seems open for future crossovers with the MCU, making it an exciting time to follow both the series and the larger Marvel Universe.

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