Airbnb Unveils an X-Mansion Experience for X-Men Fans


Airbnb has launched a special stay at the X-Mansion, famously known from the X-Men ’97 series on Disney Plus and Marvel Animation. Located in New Castle, New York, this residence is transformed into Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Hosted by Jubilee, the mansion offers a unique chance to live out your mutant fantasies.

Starting at $97 per guest, the experience invites us to train in the Danger Room, guided by professional stunt coordinators. We can also try on Cerebro’s helmet in the War Room or mix up some ‘mutant energy elixirs’ in Beast’s science-themed lab. There’s even a chance to recreate Wolverine’s iconic picture frame meme.

Photograph: Holly Andres, courtesy of Airbnb

The house accommodates eight guests in four bedrooms, each meticulously painted by hand to echo the cartoon’s style. Airbnb collaborated with Microsoft to use vintage operating systems for an authentic touch in technology, like boomboxes that match the era of the show.

During your stay, you’ll feel part of the X-Men world. Start your day with Gambit’s secret recipe for beignets. Explore new student orientation led by Jubilee and dive into a day packed with activities. After mastering your powers in the Danger Room and discovering your mutant abilities with Cerebro, you can wind down and prepare for a mutant-themed sleepover.

Your adventure ends with an official diploma and a class photo from the Institute for Higher Learning in Professor X’s study. The experience wraps on May 15, so book soon to ensure you don’t miss out. This is our chance to step into the shoes of our favorite mutants and enjoy a stay at the X-Mansion.

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