‘My Deer Friend Nokotan’ Anime Trailer Drops, Sets July Premiere

My Deer Friend Nokotan

Exciting news for us anime lovers, the manga ‘My Deer Friend Nokotan’ by Oshishio is getting animated! They just dropped a trailer and it looks like it’s going to be packed with laughs and some quirky adventures. Mark your calendars for July 7, because that’s when we get to see it all unfold.

The story throws us into the life of Torako, who’s got a past she’d rather keep hidden. She’s known as the perfect student, but that’s about to get complicated. Enter Nokotan, a new student with antlers, yes, antlers, who can sniff out secrets like nobody’s business. Suddenly, Torako’s not-so-perfect past is in danger of becoming public. From school halls to the zoo, wherever Nokotan goes, chaos follows. And Torako? She’s got a ton of questions about this new girl. Is Nokotan a deer, a girl, or something totally different?

Behind the scenes, we’ve got Masahiko Oota taking the director’s chair, known for his work on ‘Yuru Yuri’ and ‘Love Lab’. He’s teaming up with Takashi Aoshima for the series composition and script, while Ayumu Tsujimura brings the characters to life with her design. And to set the mood, Yasuhiro Misawa is composing the music.

The voices bringing our characters to life include Megumi Han as Nokotan, Saki Fujita as Koshitan, Rui Tanabe as Anko, Fuuka Izumi as Bashame, and Kousuke Toriumi narrating the chaos.

This anime is based on a manga that’s been out since 2020, with four volumes already published by Kodansha in Shonen Magazine Edge. And if you’re curious about diving into the story before the anime airs, Seven Seas Entertainment has got you covered with the English translation.

With such a unique premise and a talented team, it’s hard not to be excited about what’s to come. It sounds like we’re in for a mix of comedy, mystery, and maybe a little bit of heart. Can’t wait to see how Torako handles all the craziness that Nokotan brings into her life.

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